Pasadena Lapidary Society
Pasadena Lapidary Society
Pasadena Lapidary Society
Pasadena Lapidary Society
Pasadena Lapidary Society
Pasadena Lapidary Society
Pasadena Lapidary Society
Pasadena Lapidary Society
Pasadena, California
Pasadena Central Library
Auditorium Meeting Room
Field Trips
Earth Science
Education, Classes and

Membership in the Pasadena Lapidary Society opens the full benefits of
the Society to you!  Some of these benefits include:

Informative monthly meetings.  Our meetings are held in the comfort of
the Donald Wright Auditorium of the Pasadena Central Library, 285
Walnut Street, Pasadena, California.  Comfortable seating, lighting, a
stage and audio-visual system allows us to attract quality speakers,
provide demonstrations and interesting videos for our members!

Meetings are the third Tuesday of the month.  Members and guests
arrive between 6PM and 6:30PM for refreshments and information
exchange.  A display table at the back of the room allows our Education
Committee and society members to display creations, finds, and the
birthstone of the month.  It is also a place for members and guests to
have unknown minerals identified.

Our meetings begin at 6:45PM and end promptly at 9PM.  They include
a business session and a program on a subject relating to our earth
science hobby.  Refreshments are served at a break between the
sessions.  The program may include demonstrations, slide shows,
videos, auctions, show & sell, or lectures on various subjects.

Past programs have included How to Display your Show Case, Petrified
Wood, Field Trip First Aid, Mount St. Helens, Rhodochrosite Mining,
Thunder Eggs, Larimar, Micro Crystals, Chinese Farmed Pearls, Rock
Carving Throughout History, Cultured Rubies, Pink Minerals, Mineral
Classification and Identification, Camping Basics and more!

Our members come from a wide spectrum of backgrounds and
occupations - united by an interest in rocks, minerals, gems and the
earth sciences.  You could be one of them!  This is a listing of a partial
list of the
occupations of our members.

Everyone is welcome to attend the monthly meeting, but if you want to
take advantage of all the club has to offer, you should become a
member!  As a member, you will have access to:

A fully stocked lapidary workshop including:  rock saws, full range of
cabbing and polishing machines, faceting equipment, project tables and
more!  (Completion of instruction needed to use some machines.)

Classes taught by skilled club members.

Monthly newsletter, "Rockhound Ramblings".
Back issues are available on the newsletter page of this site.

Social picnics and holiday parties.

Field trips to collecting sites.

Display case at our annual show at no cost to members!

Membership per calendar year is $25, $15 for a second adult member in
the same house.    Junior members and the third and subsequent
members at the same house are $10.   Initiation fee is $2.00 per person
and membership badges are $7.50.   Renewals are due by the October
General Meeting and delinquent after December 31st.  Mail checks or
money orders for membership to P.O. Box 5025, Pasadena CA  
91117-0025 or give them to the club Membership Chair or Secretary.
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the membership
We are very proud of Paolo S., one of our
Junior Members.  Paolo wrote an article
about Iron Sand. This article was published
in our July, 2015, newsletter.  His article was
3rd Place among all similar articles
submitted by lapidary clubs in North America!